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Weekend Arts & Crafts

Updated: Apr 15

We know franchise owners are creative people. It takes a fresh outlook to succeed in business and it’s great to hone this creativity even further once in a while. 

Enter, weekend arts & crafts. 

Arts & crafts are not just for kids. Whilst these suggestions are the perfect activities to keep your kids busy and stimulated over the weekend, we hope you get in on the fun too. 

Especially in today’s digital age, a few hours free of technology can be the blessing and ‘switched off’ time you didn’t know you needed. 

Make your own play dough

Play dough is relatively simple to make and can give you and your kids hours of endless fun. For a no cook play dough that even your kids can make themselves you’ll need:

2 cup plain flour

1 cup sake

1 table spoon oil

1 cup cold water

2 drops liquid food dye

Start by combining the plain flour and salt in a bowl. Add water, food dye and oil. Mix until all the ingredients are combined and then knead the dough well. If you find the dough still too ‘wet’ try adding a little more flour until it reaches the consistency you desire. 

Ta-da! Perfect play dough to use this weekend! 

Have a paper aeroplane competition with the family

How long as it been since you made a paper aeroplane? If you have to think about the answer, it’s been too long. 

Paper aeroplanes are an inexpensive, and relatively mess free arts & crafts activity that’s fun for all ages. All you need are some sheets of paper – A4 works well for small hands as it’s not too intricate to work with – and a bit of creative determination. If you get stuck for ideas when building Google Images offer up a huge selection of designs right here (insert link). 

After you and your family have made your planes, fly them high, in a competition to see whose goes the furthest. 

Create your own finger puppets 

Finger puppets are a timeless classic. They’re great fun to make, and they provide solid entertainment afterwards.

You can create finger puppets out of a number of materials including: paper, fabric or felt.  Felt finger puppets are excellent and easy to create. Simply fold a piece of felt (pre cut into the right size) over your finger and stitch around the edges. Your kids can then use markers to draw on their puppets faces and features. 

Instantly, you have your afternoon sorted! 

Arts & crafts, who would have thought!  

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