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My Home Sorted! Sort To Support Challenge

Messy drawers and clothes piling up on our bedroom floor may seem harmless, but research shows that disorganisation and clutter have a negative effect on our minds. 

Our brain prefers visual order, also by constantly exposing ourselves to disorganisation, we impact our cognitive behaviour which is why we find it difficult to focus on most tasks until we’ve created order. 

We’ve been helping clients for years to declutter their homes, and every single one of them has told us that living clutter-free is life-changing! So we want to spread our help and guidance far and wide and have created a national #sorttosupport home decluttering challenge. A simple and effective way to help you to finally declutter your home, in a simple and generous way. 

You see, we…as a collective…are a nation with way too many items at home!  Luckily, we’re also a nation that loves to help others. We’ll help you to declutter your home…you’ll help others by donating to their cause with our guidance. 

So together let’s sort your home and support your local community.

Sort Your Home... Sort Your Life

Clock and Plant
15 Minutes A Day Keeps The Clutter Away!

We all have 15 minutes to spare per day right?!

In order to achieve maximum decluttering results during our #sorttosupport Home Decluttering Challenge all we ask is that you complete your set task within 15 minutes over 15 days.

You’ll be surprised at how much clutter you can eliminate within a short period, and with our expert guidance. We’ll provide you with checklists, an interactive online platform and live support throughout the challenge.

What’s the alternative?! Not starting at all and continuing to build more mess?

How Does It Work?

Our #sorttosupport Home Decluttering Challenge Process is Simple, Yet So Effective.

We Support You To
Your Home
We Guide You To
Those In Need
Providing Much Needed
For All
Together, Let's Help
Those In Need

Most of us take for granted the many basic items around our home! We, as professional organisers, have been donating our client's unwanted belongings to those in need for many years.


Most charity organisations take various donations, and we're happy to contribute...however we'd like to create a space where specific items can be donated to those that need them most. We've partnered with GIVIT to ensure that our mission becomes a reality!

They’re an amazing organisation providing essential items to many appeals and various households Australia-wide. Upon completing our #sorttosupport challenge we'll guide you how to best donate your they're not in your car boot for longer than they need to be!

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Our Next Challenge Starts...

April 15th, 2024

Home Sorted! Nina Francesca
The Home Sorted! Difference

We CARE and we GUIDE you carefully through your JOURNEY of eliminating your CLUTTER, with a personalised and RESULTS-driven approach


Sorting Is Better Together

Throughout our #sorttosupport Home Decluttering Challenge, you have the choice of keeping your progress private…

or sharing your journey with our online community via our Facebook Group.





Goal Setting








 Access To Our Tools & Guidance

Added Bonuses...

Live Sorting Masterclasses

We don’t just set daily tasks guiding you on how to sort key areas of your home…we also provide live masterclasses educating you on your habits, and how to break them in order to have a clutter-free home moving forward. 

My Home Sorted! DIY Course
My Home Sorted! DIY Course

Home life is busy, all year round! We are experts in organisation and have created an online course to assist you in sorting your home. Our step-by-step guide will ensure that you’re better organised at home, and have less stress.

You will be amazed at how much free time and space you will have when you follow our easy guide.

Room-by-room sorting to assist you with sorting every room in your home.

Everything you need to get motivated and sorted at home, including step-by-step tips and live classes to guide you

Home Sorted! In Home Assistance
We're Giving Away a
12-Hour Home Decluttering Package

To motivate you further…

Throughout our 15 day Sort to Support Challenge, we’re giving a 12-Hour Home Decluttering Package, valued at $999.00 to the Sorter with the Most Inspirational Transformation who transforms not only their home but the lives of others by donating most items to their GIVIT cause. 

That’s two 6-hour days with one of our Professional Organisers sorting your home for you, and setting it up so that you will never be tempted to build clutter again.

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Access to our Sort to Support Challenge so much more for extra support & guidance to finally get your home sorted!

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