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10 Items To Throw Away Today

Do you need to declutter your home? We understand that deciding what to keep and what to throw away can seem like a massive job.

Let’s simplify the process by getting rid of the items that have no purpose within your home. Here’s a list of 10 items to throw away today.

Clothing that cannot be repaired

Do you find yourself getting angry at shirts that have holes in the elbow, or pants that are worn through at the knees? Any item of clothing that cannot be repaired has no place within your home nor can they be donated to charity. Simply throw them away today.

Chipped plates and bowls

While you’re probably still using chipped plates and bowls, they are a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you have young children who may not notice that they have swallowed a piece of china or plastic.

Threadbare towels that you never use

Is your linen cupboard filled with towels that you never use? Are these towels so threadbare that you wouldn’t be able to dry your body with them? If you’re nodding along – it’s time for these towels to be thrown away.

Cardboard boxes that you’re keeping ‘just in case’

How many times have you needed to take a cardboard box out of storage? Zip, zilch, zero? It’s time to throw away the pile you’ve accumulated over the years.

Old newspapers or magazines

If you haven’t looked at them in the last week, it’s time for them to go! No excuses. Simply gather up an arm full and toss straight into your recycling bin.

Plastic containers without matching lids

What good is a container without a lid? Chances are you’re only keeping clutter and would be better off freeing up space within your kitchen.

Toys your kids no longer play with

Are you kids outgrowing toys too fast? Or do they have a collection of semi-broken toys that can no longer be played with? Remove the clutter from your home and watch how much lighter you’ll feel.

Old greeting cards

Do you keep birthday and greeting cards for sentimental reasons? If yes, ask yourself why you’re keeping them and what you plan to do with them five years from now. If you don’t have a solid plan in place they’re likely heading for the trash.

Half used exercise books

Is there anything more annoying than opening an exercise book only to find it’s been used? Throw half used exercise books away and remove the pain today.

Unwanted gifts

Don’t make yourself suffer any longer. If you have a pile of unwanted gifts taking up valuable space, throw (or re-gift, donate, sell…) them away today. You’ve also got our permission not to feel guilty in the process.

Who’s ready to start their journey to a clutter free home? Throw away these items and start feeling more calm and relaxed today.

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