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Smart Floor Cleaning Tips

Smart Floor Cleaning Tips
Smart Floor Cleaning Tips

Accidents happen. Glasses get broken, wine gets spilt, tomato sauce ends up on the living room floor. Everyone experiences an accidental breakage or spillage in their lifetime. It’s unavoidable. 

However, it doesn’t have to mean that your flooring is ruined. Below we discuss two common floor types and smart ways to keep them clean and looking brand new. 


For starters, the key to keeping your carpets super clean is to attend to stains as soon as they happen. 

Blot stains instead of rubbing them. If you apply a small amount of pressure to the stain by pressing down with a cloth or paper towel, you can soak up any excess stain before it settles into the carpet fibres. Always blot from the outside in to avoid the stain from spreading further. 

It is also a good idea to steam clean your carpet every six months or annually. Hint hint! Spring cleaning! 

Steam cleaning is a process where a cleaning solution is pressure injected into the carpet via water jet nozzles. The machine used then extracts the solution from the carpet along within any dirt or debris that may have built up. Perfect for families needing that special clean. 


Floorboards are as low maintenance as you can get when it comes to cleaning. It’s good to know that you don’t need to soak or clean the floors with any floor cleaner. In fact, soaking them with bleach or household cleaners can make your floorboards fade. 

So how do you clean them? Simple. Get out your trusty vacuum cleaner. Depending on the size of your family it’s a good idea to vacuum your floors at least once a week. More if you have pets, or are running a central heating/cooling system, as these can attract dust. Most vacuum cleaners come with an attachment specifically for floorboards. 

Mop your floors once a week to remove foot prints and to create shine. You can add a small amount of domestic cleaner to your water, just don’t use an entire bucket full, or drench the floors in water. 

The final step in keeping your floorboards clean and new is polish! This doesn’t need to be done every week, in fact once or twice a year is sufficient. Once again resit the urge to over polish your floors. These low maintenance beauties will last forever with a little tender loving care.

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