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Get Organised With A Cleaning Schedule

Get Organised With A Cleaning Schedule
Get Organised With A Cleaning Schedule

Hands up if you use and follow a cleaning schedule? If you’ve got your hands up now, great! If not, it may be time to develop some healthy habits to sort your home and keep it that way. 

Cleaning schedules can be a great reminder of what needs to be cleaned and when. There are many ways to create and stick to one and this often comes down to personal preference. 

No matter the system you choose, as long as it’s followed (as is intended with a schedule) you’re in for a home run. 

Cleaning schedule options include creating lists, using organising/list making apps on your smart phone, charts, or even a diary. 

These are our suggested tasks for the following times:

Every Morning

Pop a load of washing into the washing machine before breakfast and hang it out after you’ve eaten and done the breakfast dishes. 

Yes, this means doing your dishes after each meal. Trust us, it helps. 

Keep a squeegee in the shower and designate the task of wiping down the shower glass to the last person using the bathroom. 

Ensure all beds are made. It’s far better getting into a nicely made bed of an evening than slumping into crinkled sheets. 

Every Night

Do a sweep of your home to remove any plates, glasses or rubbish that may have been left lying around. 

Put away all toys and recreational equipment. Getting your family into the habit of doing this as they use items makes for a quick clean up at night and start to the next day with a clean house

Twice A Week

Towels should be changed after every four uses. This equals approximately twice a week. You can work this into your weekly cleaning schedule with an additional mid week wash. 

Every Week

Your home should get a thorough clean each week. If it’s too much to do in one day, consider splitting the task into two parts. 

You can complete the high traffic areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room on the first day and then do the bedrooms on the next. 

Also remember to change all bed linen and allow your doona and pillows to air. Airing these prevents bacteria from building up. 

Now, who’s ready to write their own cleaning schedule?

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