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12 Pantry Tips For Busy People

Pantry tips
Pantry tips

Here at Home Sorted! we can never get enough pantry tips! Read on for our favourites. 

1. Label everything

There are no exceptions to what can and cannot be labelled in your pantry. If it’s in a container, put a label on it. It’s far easier to find your next ingredient if you’ve got everything labelled in front of you. 

Additionally, consider using white board markers on your labels to list the use by date of each product. This can save you plenty of money in the long term by reducing food wastage. You also know what to eat next as items get closer to expiring. 

2. Seal packaging with pegs

If you find yourself with open packets of food in your pantry – seal them with pegs. Yes, the same pegs you would use to hang your clothes out to dry. 

Simply fold the top of the packet over and clip it shut. This will keep your food fresh and tasty! 

3. Organise by food type

Every family is different and every pantry will be unique. Depending on the food your family favours it’s a great idea to organise your food within the pantry by type. 

If you have four boxes or containers of cereal – place them side by side. The same goes for other items you may have multiple kinds of such as pasta, canned goods, biscuits, condiments, etc. 

4. Keep kids’ snacks within reach

You know the drill. It’s 4pm and the kids are home from school looking for snacks. Keep appropriate snacks on a shelf within your kids reach to allow them easy access. 

If you need to moderate your kid’s intake, consider having portion controlled snacks prepared in individual snap lock bags. They’ll know where to grab afternoon snacks from that wont spoil dinner. 

Alternatively, keep a stocked fruit bowl within arms reach at all times. 

5. Do a pantry clean out regularly 

It’s so easy to forget about our pantries and go on with everyday life. 

However, it’s a good idea to set aside time every six months for a thorough clean out. Simply remove everything from the shelves, throwing away out of date items as you sort. 

You’ll be able to keep track of your food easier and use up items before they expire!

Lastly, remember to give your pantry shelves a good wash before returning items.

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