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5-Minute Cleaning Fixes

5-Minute Cleaning Fixes
5-Minute Cleaning Fixes

Are you short for time these days? Feeling the pressure of keeping your home clean and organised whilst working and caring for the family? It doesn’t need to be this way. Keep reading for out list of 5-minute cleaning fixes. Small changes like these can help save you hours in the long run. 

Work as you go

If you walk into a room and see a mess, don’t take the easy option and ignore it. When you spend a few minutes attending to disorder - as it happens - your overall cleaning time will reduce long term. A great example of this includes wiping down the bathroom sink if it appears dirty when you go to the bathroom. You can also consider keeping a cleaning cloth in the bathroom vanity to make it even easier and quicker. 

Clean out the clutter regularly 

Think about this. Your home can’t become a mecca for clutter if you don’t let the clutter build up! Get into the habit of doing a quick sweep of the house once a week with a garbage bag. Toss out everything that is useless and unnecessary. Newspapers, magazines, food wrappers, empty toiletry bottles, you name it, if it’s used up or no longer needed, toss it away! This only takes a few minutes. 

Make your morning into a ritual

One of the easiest ways to find more productivity in your day and keep your home clean is to develop a cohesive morning ritual. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, don’t rush to the bathroom, instead turn around and spend two minutes making your bed. 

What you do in the morning at home will often set the tone for the rest of the day. Take this one step further by ensuring all the clothes and shoes you’re not wearing are put away properly before you leave for work. Imagine coming home at the end of a long day to a nicely made bed and clean bedroom. Doesn’t that image just make you want to relax? 

Do your dishes once you eat

Don’t wait for your dishes to build up. Spend a few minutes after each meal quickly washing and drying your dishes. Whether you’re cooking for one or six, it makes for light work when you stay on top of the chores. 

Five minutes! It’s really all you need. 

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