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6 Home Sorting Projects To Do Over Summer

Updated: Feb 15

Home sorting projects do not need to be large in scale. Often, it’s the smaller projects that have the biggest impact on our day to day lives. With this in mind, we’re sharing 6 home sorting projects you can complete this summer! 

6 Home Sorting Projects To Do Over Summer

Declutter your bedside table 

Your bedside table should be kept clear and in order – but if you’re anything like most, it can be filled with clutter. Aim to remove anything that you don’t need to be able to reach from bed. This will free up space and allow you to rest easily.  

Create a study or workspace for your kids 

Before your kids head back to school, create a study or workspace where they can complete homework without fuss or distraction. This will look different depending on your space but could include a desk and chair in their bedroom, or a spot within your home office that they have access to outside of school hours. 

Organise your gardening tools

Is your home garage filled with miscellaneous tools? Consider installing wall hooks to create vertical storage. This way you can hang your gardening tools for quick access and increase safety around small children. 

Clean out your refrigerator and pantry 

When was the last time you checked the best before dates on items within your refrigerator and pantry? Chances are you don’t remember – which means this is the perfect summer sorting project for you. 

Once you’ve disposed of those that are past their best before date, use this as an opportunity to sort and label the remaining items. 

Sort your beauty products

Are your beauty products taking over your bathroom counter? Spend a summer afternoon sorting your collection and creating a system to keep them in order – we’re particularly fond of acrylic containers and drawer dividers. You could even use this as a chance to clean your makeup brushes. 

Recycle electronics that you no longer use/need 

Do you have a collection of electronics that you no longer use or need? These are likely to be taking up valuable space within your home – and creating clutter in the process. You can recycle most electronics by contacting your local recycling and waste centre. If they are unable to accept the exact item you have, they will be able to point you in the direction of a scheme that can. 

What’s next?

Are you looking for more inspiration to get your home sorted this summer? You’re in the right place. Our blog is filled with tips to sort your home and keep it sorted – take a read today!

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