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6 Ideas To De-Clutter Your Family Room

6 Ideas To De-Clutter Your Family Room

The family room has been a central point of the family home for many years. It’s where adults go to unwind after a long day and the place where children often get lost in the land of make-believe. 

But your family room doesn’t need to be overrun and disordered from the amount of use. With a bit of care it can become the peaceful oasis you crave at the end of the day. 

Here are 6 ideas to de-clutter your family room. 

1. Be wary of electrical wires

Spend ten minutes pulling out all of your electronica and ensuring that the wires are in a safe working order. Curl up the wires and secure them with a rubber band or cable tie to keep them neat and out of small hands way. 

2. Collate your media collection 

CD/DVD folders are a great solution to save space if you find your family room being overrun with discs and cases. Consider alphabetizing or sorting them into genre to make it easy to locate your favourite movies. 

3. Implement a no dishes rule

The family room and eating come hand in hand these days. However, this means dishes, which are often forgotten about.

Implement a no dishes rule that says family members must take all dishes back to the kitchen – and put them straight into the dishwasher or sink - when they are done with them. This also stops soiled glassware from leaving marks on coffee tables. 

4. Encourage children to put things away 

Try and set the precedent that children need to put things away when they’re finished with them. This goes for adults too. Set a good standard by keeping the family room tidy and your children should follow. 

5. Keep remotes in a drawer 

We have remote controls for everything these days. Pop them in a drawer when you’re done with them to prevent dust and grime from building up; it also looks tidier than remotes scattered across the room.  

6. Store games in easy access locations

Keep board games in a low cupboard that children can reach; the same goes for books. Encourage children to participate in games and reading by keeping them within an accessible location.  

This also helps with tidying the family room, as they have no excuse not to put them away! 


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