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Good Habits To Maintain A Clean Family Room

Maintain A Clean Family Room
Maintain A Clean Family Room

Do you have a sure-fire way of maintaining a clean family room? Have you found what works for you and your family? 

Read on, for our tips for keeping a sorted, clean family room. 

  1. Only keep the most important items in your family room – ask your kids what they’re favourite toys are. What are the toys they use most frequently? Only allow them to keep those in the family room and move the rest to their bedrooms. 

  1. Keep your possessions minimalistic – this goes for every member of the family. It’s easy to want to hold onto every magazine you’ve ever read, or birthday card you’ve received. 

The best way to de-clutter your family room for good is to become minimalistic towards sentimental possessions. Don’t go and toss everything away; memories are important! Just make clear decisions about what is most important. 

  1. Always have free space – one of the best ways to ensure a clean family room, is to always have space free. Take an entire day to start from scratch and sort through your entire family room. 

Take the process slowly moving from one cupboard or drawer to the next. Empty out the area you are sorting into three bags – to keep – to donate – to throw away. 

When putting the items to keep back into your family room, don’t feel you need to fill every nook and cranny with something. 

Over the years to come you will accumulate more possessions. The de-cluttering process is ongoing and one that is often made easier if you get into the good habit of sorting regularly and allowing for free space. 

  1. Keep similar items together – not only does keeping items of the same kind grouped together look more attractive, but functionality increases ten fold. 

Keep all your DVDs in one location. Same goes for the kids toys. Books too. You can separate these similar items into containers or baskets to make storage even easier. 

Additionally, returning items to their ‘home’ becomes a cinch, as it’s made obvious where each and every item belongs! 

  • Cull belongings at Christmas -  The festive season is notorious for bringing more clutter into our lives. Devise a system where for every new toy your kids receive, an old one has to get donated to charity.  This stops your family room from resembling a toy factory and keeps the amount of toys your children will actually play with in a realistic number. 

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