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What Not To Keep In Your Family Room

What Not To Keep In Your Family Room
What Not To Keep In Your Family Room

There are certain items you should never keep in your family room. 

They’re not going to make or break your lifestyle. But they will ensure your family room stays sorted and de-cluttered. 

After all, small changes can make a big difference. 


Simply put, snacks belong in the kitchen. The moment you start storing or leaving food in the family room, you’re in for a downwards spiral. 

Set the tone for your children by only bringing one serve of snacks into the family room and always return the dishes to the kitchen. 

This also has the potential to prevent mindless snacking that most people have come accustomed too. If the snacks are not within arms reach, you’ll think twice as to whether you really need them. 


It’s incredibly easy for rubbish to accumulate in the family room. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. Common examples include newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and letters.

Spend five minutes each evening before bed doing a quick sweep of your family room for any rubbish that may have crept in during the day. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow for staying on top of this one. 


Storing your clothes in your wardrobe should be a no-brainer, but it’s easy to let items slip past. 

Has it been a rainy day? Have you dried clothes inside, folded them, and forgotten to return them to their respective wardrobes? It happens to all of us. 

Consider creating a checklist and hanging it in a prominent spot in your household. You can include all daily tasks on the checklist and cross them off as you, or your family, complete them. This way, minor details shouldn’t creep past. 

Sporting equipment

Do we use sporting equipment in the family room? Of course not! So why let it be stored there?  

Don’t allow sporting equipment to build up in the family room. Ensure that your children know where their items belong and that they put them back in this spot after using them. 

By doing this you are also reducing the temptation of dangerous indoor sports and broken windows. It’s harder to pick up a basketball or cricket bat to play with inside, if your sporting equipment is stored away properly. 

The family room should be a welcoming environment and can be with these small changes.

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