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8 Advantages Of Owning A Franchise

Owning A Franchise
Owning A Franchise

You head into work each day feeling unfulfilled. You’re good at your job, have strong leadership skills and the respect of your colleagues. But something is still missing.

You’re itching to try running your own business but don’t have a unique product or service to offer. 

You start investigating business opportunities and discover that owning a franchise comes with many advantages. So many, that you had to share… 

  1. You can explore a new career

Yes, you heard that right. Owning a franchise allows you to explore a new career without taking the traditional pathway into said industry. You are able to transfer skills you have already acquired into a fresh business with the support of the franchisor and established business systems. 

  1. You are your own boss

Ever dreamed of waking up each day as your own boss – this is one of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise. 

  1. You can choose when you work

As your own boss you are afforded the luxury of choosing when you work. This means you can say goodbye to the typical 9 – 5 workday for hours that better suit your personality or lifestyle. Are you a morning person? Work early and enjoy the afternoon as you please. Are you in charge of school drop offs? Work within school hours to maintain balance and normality for your children. 

  1. You can choose where you work

Following on from choosing when you work is choosing where you work! This is a major bonus for stay-at-home parents or people who work best within their own environment. 

  1. You don’t require extensive business experience

That’s right. We touched on this earlier but owning a franchise allows you to jump into the deep end of owning a business without needing to brush up on every skill out there! You will be guided by your franchisor and supported through the entire process of starting, building and making your business thrive. Most franchisors just ask that you bring a lot of determination and passion to the table. These are two traits that will help build success for you as a franchise owner. 

  1. Franchises have a high rate of success

It’s common knowledge that many small businesses fail in their first year of operation. The opposite is true for franchises who often achieve a high rate of success thanks to the overall business brand and systems that have been developed and tested over years of achievement. 

  1. You have access to ongoing support

If you haven’t picked up on this advantage already, here we go again! Franchisees are provided with ongoing support in all areas of running a business. You will develop a close relationship with your franchisor, as after all, your success is their success.

  1. You get to set your own priorities 

Finally, owning a franchise provides you the opportunity to set your own priorities. You may be looking to earn a small extra income or to create a fully thriving business. You can prioritise with scalable systems. The same can be said for prioritising your work life balance. You choose how much or how little you want to work. You are in charge of your own career and if you ask us, this is one advantage you can’t look past! 

What’s next?

Home Sorted! are on the lookout for individuals who want to turn their hobby of sorting into a career. 

We’re excited to tell you more!

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