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8 Tips To Keep Calm And Sorted On Christmas Day

Updated: Feb 16

8 Tips To Keep Calm And Sorted On Christmas Day

Are you ready for Christmas Day?

Christmas is a magical time of the year – it can also be filled with stress, anxiety and tough moments. Before you give in and turn into The Grinch, we’re going to show you how to keep calm and sorted on Christmas Day. 

1. Set realistic expectations

It’s easy to get swept up into thinking that Christmas Day will be perfect. However, if your family is like most there are bound to be a handful of disagreements or not-so-happy moments thrown in-between the joyful ones. Being realistic about what the day will look like can help curb expectations. 

2. Plan your day 

If you’re someone who gets stressed about the unknown, it’s a good idea to plan your day. Map out travel arrangements if you’re visiting family or a loose run sheet if you’re playing host. Both will help your day stay focused and on track! 

3. Fuel yourself

Be sure to start the day with a hearty breakfast and continue to fuel yourself throughout the day. Proper nutrition will prevent emotions from taking over and ensure you are calm all day long. 

4. Take a time out 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed it’s time for a time out. This can be by yourself or with family members. A long walk after lunch can serve as a wonderful time out for the whole family and it helps with digestion too. 

5. Let things go 

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Maybe you get into an argument with family or you don’t receive the exact gift you were hoping for. It pays to simply let things go and embrace the happy moments at Christmas…. 

6. Remember the good

And following on from above… it’s best to remember the good! No matter what happens that may set your nerves alight. Choosing to remember the positive and happy times will always make Christmas Day a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We know what we’re choosing! 

7. Be ok with mess

Christmas Day comes with a level of disorder and chaos. Lean into the mess and enjoy the good times – it’s only one day a year – you’ve got this! 

8. Leave the clean up til tomorrow 

Finally, if you really want to keep calm on Christmas Day, leave the clean up til tomorrow. There is nothing worse than taking yourself away from friends and family and spending time cleaning when you can be celebrating. 

The clean up can wait – your festivities cannot! 

Use these tips and you’re sure to have a Christmas Day to remember. 

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