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Christmas Clean Up Sorted!

Christmas Clean Up Sorted
Christmas Clean Up Sorted

We hope you had fantastic a Christmas Day and Boxing Day with friends, family and loved ones. Now that the festivities are over it’s time to get your home sorted again before the new year. 

Clean the kitchen first

The kitchen is often the messiest part of the home during Christmas. Get to work asap washing, drying and putting away everything that was used to create your Christmas feast. Don’t forget to give the oven, stovetop and kitchen benches a thorough clean to. No one wants pesky food stains accumulating. 

Recycle wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is one of those items that can be reused for many reasons. Consider putting any reusable wrapping paper into your children’s art and craft box. Also store this years Christmas cards to cut up for Christmas activities next year. 

On the topic of recycling, ensure all boxes, glass bottles, plastic cups etc. are placed into their appropriate recycling bin. 

Tackle the bathroom

Give your bathroom a thorough wipe down and refresh the area with clean towels. There is nothing more relaxing than stepping out of the shower to a fresh towel after a long festive celebration. 

Vacuum and mop the floor


Mess can accumulate all over the home so don’t think you can skip this step. Vacuuming and mopping your entire house is a vital part of any Christmas clean up. 

Ensure you get underneath the Christmas tree, lounge areas and pay particular attention to areas beneath the dinner table. Give floors a meticulous wash with hot water and detergent. The hot water will disinfect the area. Let all floors dry before walking on them. 

Store all presents in the receiver’s bedrooms

Get your family to remove presents from the common living areas of the house. Encourage children to find homes for their new toys in their bedroom. This will reduce clutter and cleaning time for the future. 

Don’t stress about removing decorations

It’s an Australian tradition to leave the decorations in place until January 1st. So don’t stress just yet! Ensure you have large waterproof storage containers ready for when it’s time to remove and sort the decorations. 

To speed up the process, assign one of the above tasks to each family member. This gives them a sense of responsibility and will half the Christmas clean up time considerably.

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