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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas Decorating Ideas

For many people, Christmas is about decorating their home and spreading Christmas cheer. 

Here at Home Sorted! we’re often asked for decorating ideas and tricks for transforming your home into a Christmas wonderland. 

We’re not going to lie. We adore a beautifully decorated house and are more than happy to share our ideas with you


First impressions are always important, especially around Christmas time. Welcome guests into your home by lighting the pathway to the front door with fairy lights, lanterns or candles. 

Don’t forget your front door. A beautiful wreath, bell or bow can be positioned here to continue the festivities inside. 

Hallways and Corridors

Decorations in hallways or corridors are best kept simple yet effective. 

Consider running tinsel or green garlands around the edge of mirrors or photographs on walls. This can also be applied to hat stands or coat racks. You can hang decorations from the garlands or leave plain. 

Decorate buffet tables with a large bowl filled with Christmas goodies. You can use baubles in multiple colours for a shiny effect. 


To spread Christmas decorations throughout your home tie red ribbons in large bows on the door handles of each room. The thicker the ribbon the better. This is also a wonderful task for the kids to complete. 


If you choose to decorate your windows you first need to consider whether you wish them to be more effective during day or night.

For day, paint images onto windows using Christmas themed stencils and water based paint. 

For night, hang lights and silhouettes from your windows. The shadow and light effects are truly stunning. 


Before we go on, remember not to over clutter your home. You don’t need to cover every single surface with decorations. Use your own discretion as to what looks good. 

If you choose to decorate walls, consider applying removable wall stickers or changing the photographs in your frames to Christmas images. Subtle changes can go far. 


You don’t need to over do your bathroom. Replace your regular towels with red and green towels to keep with the theme. You can also decorate the area with a couple of candles if you wish. 

Family Room

You want your family room to be the central focus of your home. Along with decorating your tree, the options are endless. 

Decorate your couch with Christmas cushions, use Christmas doilies on tables, utilise decorative bowls, place Santa statues in prominent positions. 

You can even hang mistletoe or tinsel from your ceiling!

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