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Create Order Within Your Pantry Today

Updated: Feb 16

Create Order Within Your Pantry Today

Create order with these steps.

A well sorted pantry will help you create order. It can even make your pantry seem bigger and simplify meal times. Follow these steps to create order within your pantry today. 

Remove items and declutter

Start by removing all items from within your pantry. Have a garbage bag hands to toss any items that are past their best before / expiry date. It’s also a good idea to bag or box up any items you’ve purchased over the year(s) that your family has never eaten. If still good – consider passing onto family or friends. 

Plan your pantry

Once you’ve removed and decluttered all items, it’s time to plan your pantry. Start by grouping like items together and considering how you will sort them inside your pantry. You can choose to sort by food type or by creating ‘zones’ such as breakfast foods, snacks, lunch foods. 

This is entirely up to you. And should be a system that suits your family. 

Purchase supplies

Once you’ve planned your pantry it’s time to purchase supplies. We love using airtight containers to store dry ingredients, cereal, etc. to keep them fresh longer. These can be placed in rows or stacked depending on the type chosen. 

Some additional ideas include baskets or containers for pre-packaged snacks, storing canned goods in rows, using a rotating tray for spices or oils. 

You can also store appliances on lower shelves and non-essential foods on higher shelves. This keeps the middle shelves (aka the ones that are easy to access) free for everyday items.

Sort your pantry

Now it’s time to sort your pantry. Our biggest piece of advice is to go slow. When you rush you’re more likely to create a pantry that doesn’t make you happy and isn’t sorted in a way that makes sense to you or your family. Spend an afternoon creating order and delight within your pantry. 

Hang a shopping list inside the door 

Once your pantry is sorted, consider hanging a shopping list notepad inside the door. This allows you to quickly jot down items as you finish them. You can even add items to the list when you notice that you are starting to run low. 

You’ll thank yourself when grocery day rolls around and your list is ready and waiting in your perfectly sorted pantry. Talk about creating order. 

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