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Don’t Let The Christmas Clean Up Get The Best Of You

Updated: Feb 16

Don’t Let The Christmas Clean Up Get The Best Of You

When it comes to Christmas Day, most people are excited about seeing family, eating yummy food, and opening presents. This however can be overshadowed by the looming clean up and getting the family home back into tip top shape. 

We’re here to show you how you can enjoy Christmas Day and get the Christmas clean up done without worry!

Leave the clean up until tomorrow

Now, we’re not someone who would normally advocate for leaving a mess within the home. But Christmas Day is an exception and a special day where spending time with family is far more important than a swept floor and papers in the recycling bin. 

Of course, if you’re someone who wants to clean up straight away – don’t let us stop you! 

Get the whole family involved

Now, families who make a mess together should clean up together. Right? 

We love the idea of getting the whole family involved in the Christmas clean up. You can delegate spaces or rooms to each family member – or work through the home together as a team. Either way, many hands make light work and that’s what we all want after a day of eating and socialising. 

Turn it into a game

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore! Yes, you read that right. Why not turn it into a game and play for prizes? You could have a time limit of cleaning each space or a prize for the cleanest area, most dishes washed, or loads of laundry folded… you get the picture! 

Play music and have fun!

Ultimately the Christmas clean up has to happen but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Whether you have the whole family involved or you’re tackling the task alone – be sure to play music nice and loud and have fun! It’s what the holidays are all about and cleaning / sorting shouldn’t be dreaded or seen as only a chore. A well sorted home will have you feeling refreshed after all. 

Celebrate a job well done

You know that refrigerator of leftovers you have, once the hard work is done it’s time to sit back, relax and celebrate. And well… some Christmas leftovers are the perfect no-fuss, no-effort solution. 

How do you feel about the Christmas clean up? These tips should have you approaching the holidays without worry. 

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