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Family Room A Mess? Get Sorted Now

Updated: Feb 15

The family room is the centre of your home. It’s where your family comes together at the end of each day to watch movies, unwind and play. It’s also a space that can become very cluttered very quickly. These tips will help you sort any mess that may be accumulating in your family room. 

Family Room A Mess? Get Sorted Now

Keep flat surfaces clear

Start by removing excess items from flat surfaces within your family room. This means reducing the ‘clutter’ that you see. Stacks of papers can be removed easily. TV remotes can be collected and stored on a small tray together. Keeping flat surfaces clear will also encourage your family to return items to where they belong. 

Use baskets for practical storage

If your family room is short on storage such as cupboards or drawers, consider baskets for practical storage. They’re great for tossing extra throw cushions in, but they can also be used for games, toys, books etc. 

Secure cords out of sight

One of the biggest contributors to clutter is cords! Get yourself a handful of cable ties and secure them behind your TV cabinet. Not only will they look neater and less cluttered but you’ll also be preventing hazards that may occur. Win win! 

Consider media storage 

Does your family have a large DVD, CD or game collection? If so, instead of keeping stacks of cases on display consider utilising media storage. This can be as simple as removing each disc and storing them in a CD booklet or binder. Not only will you save space but your family room will look sleeker. Sounds great to us! 

Create a play zone 

If your children are always taking over the whole family room, create a play zone where you keep their toys and encourage them to play in this section of the family room. While it may not always work - this is a great idea to keep toys clustered in one space only. You can also use some of the baskets we spoke about earlier to keep toys neat and tidy. 

Give every item a home 

If something is kept within your family room - it needs to have a home! Get in the habit of ensuring each item you own has a home within your home and that it is returned there after each use. It may sound complicated but it’s not. Trust us on this one. 

Still need help? 

If you still need help sorting your family room, you’re in luck. Find out how we can sort the mess in your family room today

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