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Find Out Why You Can’t Get Motivated To Sort Your Home

Updated: Feb 16

Find Out Why You Can’t Get Motivated To Sort Your Home

Lacking motivation? Find out why!

We hear it all the time. One of the main reasons people tell us they don’t sort or declutter their home is that they lack motivation.

But what if you could figure out why you’re not motivated and use this information to your advantage?

What is motivation?

In short, motivation is your willingness to do something. It is also your drive to achieve goals and needs. When it comes to sorting your home some people find that motivation is nowhere to be found. For others it may make a fleeting appearance until a better offer comes along. The point here is that no two people arrive at a cluttered home in the same way.

Why is this useful?

Life is busy. We understand this. You may be juggling a career, family schedules, and even a long list of obligations. You may feel motivated to sort your home one day – only to be pulled away from the task and therefore lose motivation to start at a later time.

Knowing that motivation is fleeting can actually help you get sorted. And more so if you understand how you arrived at your clutter in the first place.

What are clutter personalities?

This is where clutter personalities come in handy. Everyone has a clutter personality whether you want to admit it or not. Clutter personalities take your key habits and personality traits and help you figure out how they contribute to the build up of clutter within your home and life. For instance you may be someone who holds onto items for their sentimental value or you may be skilled at hiding clutter out of sight (but not out of mind!).

Use yours to find motivation

The good thing about clutter personalities is that they can be used to help you sort your home. Once you know HOW and WHY your clutter is accumulating, you can tackle these habits in turn gaining motivation to declutter and sort your home. How great is that?

If you’re interested in uncovering your clutter personality, join us for our next Clutter Personality Workshop. Our fun and relaxed workshops are held online so you can join us from the comfort of your own home and will leave you with a range of tools to change your daily habits for long lasting results.

Talk about getting a head start on motivation. Who’s with us?

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