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Getting Sorted For The Festive Season

Updated: Feb 15

Getting Sorted For The Festive Season

Have you started writing lists?

The festive season is fast approaching. To celebrate, we’re sharing a series of blogs designed to help you prepare your home and feel sorted before, during and after Christmas Day. 

To start the series off, we’re talking about lists and how making lists for the festive season will help get you organised. 

Christmas Shopping

Most people are familiar with Christmas shopping lists. This ensures you know what gifts you need to purchase, what groceries you need to buy for the day, and any other miscellaneous items you will need for the month of December. 

When writing a Christmas gift / shopping list, we recommend breaking the list into several columns. This will include the recipient, your budget, two gift ideas (in case one idea is out of stock), and two check boxes for when the item is purchased and when it is gift wrapped. 

Christmas Meals 

Next up is Christmas meals! Celebrating with family and friends typically involves gathering around the dinner table for a festive feast. 

Get yourself sorted by writing a list of Christmas meals you need to prepare, what is on the menu for each occasion (if you have more than one!), and each recipe that you intend to prepare. 

When making a note of the recipes – you can add all the food and drink you will need to purchase to the grocery list mentioned above. 

Christmas Events 

During December you’re likely to have a buzzing social calendar. We recommend making a thorough list of all Christmas events that you and your family will be attending to ensure you don’t forget any – and are prepared with gifts for the host and outfits to wear. 

That’s right – when planning Christmas events into your December calendar be sure to consider the dress code for each event and make a note of suitable outfits that you already own. When attending multiple soirees, it can be a great idea to wear a simple outfit and change up your accessories for each function. 

Christmas Traditions

When writing lists don’t forget about Christmas traditions. Do you have a set of traditions that you do as a family? Or are there any new traditions that you’d like to include this year? 

Traditions can be as simple as watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas songs. Maybe you’d like to visit local Christmas light displays or visit special Christmas displays such as the MYER windows in Melbourne’s CBD. Either way, a traditions list will keep you on track and sorted. 

Christmas Wish List

Lastly, you may also choose to ask your family members to create a wish list for Christmas gifts. This helps you identify what items they would love to receive and can be especially useful for those hard to buy for relatives! 

With November already here – the time to start writing lists has arrived. Have you made a start? We have! 

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