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Have You Left Christmas To The Last Minute? We Can Help

Updated: Feb 16

Have You Left Christmas To The Last Minute? We Can Help

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year – it’s also the busiest. If you find yourself running from festive party to festive party with no time to decorate your own home or plan your Christmas meal, it can feel even more stressful.

With just over two weeks until Christmas Day, there are ways to get your Christmas sorted and enjoy the festivities. Let us show you how.

Go for simple decorations

Christmas decorations don’t need to be complicated to be effective. You may choose to minimise your decorations for a modern look or embrace hand-made creations that have been lovingly created by your children.

The point here is that you do not have to have a Pinterest worthy home to enjoy Christmas. Memories are made by sharing time with your loved ones. Your family and friends will remember the moments you spent together, not the decorations that adorn your home. So, take the pressure off and go for simple decorations.

Get your whole family involved

Like our point above, Christmas highlights a need for family involvement. This can be delegating the menu to one family member and decorations to another or banding together to get each job done in record time. A last-minute Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful or tiring with the right attitude.

Take advantage of quick shipping

The hardest part of sorting Christmas at the last minute is buying fresh produce and gifts – two of our favourite things. We recommend taking advantage of click and collect services at your local grocery store to streamline the grocery buying process, as well as looking at what quick shipping options are available for gifts. Can you purchase and download experience vouchers? Movie tickets? Gift vouchers? These types of gifts are generally adored as the recipient has a degree of choice in how they use the gift – and they’re an absolute treat to organise at the last minute.

Consider our DIY course – My Christmas Sorted!

If you’re still feeling unsure and want to make the most of the festive season, you may wish to consider our My Christmas Sorted! course. The DIY course offers a simple and effective guide to preparing yourself for the festive season. You’ll find step-by-step tips on how to set up your home, plan your time, and to simply enjoy the holiday.

Whether you use the full guide to prepare for this Christmas – or simply use what you have time for, the DIY course is yours to keep and will be the perfect companion for every Christmas to come!

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