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How To Create A Study Space Your Kids Will Use

Updated: Feb 15

Homework is often the most hated part of school. But by creating a study space that works well for your kids, they’ll be more likely to stay on track. 

How To Create A Study Space Your Kids Will Use

Read on for our favourite tips designed to create homework success. 

Get your kids involved 

Before you start buying desks, chairs and designing a study space – we recommend getting your kids involved. They will be the ones who are spending many hours completing homework in the space, so it’s important that they feel involved and heard during the process. 

Pick a dedicated space

Start by picking a dedicated study space. This may be within the home office, a corner of the family room or your kid’s bedroom if size permits. Ensure that the study space is quiet (or can be quietened when needed) and has a good flow of light. 

Set it up ergonomically 

Next up is furniture. At a minimum you will require a desk and chair. Aim for an ergonomic chair that allows your kids to sit with both feet flat on the ground. Their laptop or computer should be at eye level in front of them and may need to be adjusted with a screen riser depending on size and your kid’s stature. 

For younger kids, ensure that they have a study space large enough to spread out their notebooks and poster paper as required. 

Stock up on supplies

All successful study spaces are stocked with essential supplies. This covers pens, pencils, coloured markers, paper and even post-it notes, and is varied depending on your kid’s age and school subjects. At a minimum we recommend keeping a small stash of pens and paper handy – in case they need to make notes or brainstorm. Younger kids may require a stash of coloured paper so you’re not making mad dashes to Officeworks or Kmart on a weekend when projects pop up. 

Remove clutter

Once the space is set up it’s important to ensure it is free from clutter. Remove distractions and excess items to ensure that the focus always remains on their schoolwork! 

Encourage study 

Finally, get into the habit of encouraging your kids to study each afternoon. This can be achieved by asking about their school day and if they have any homework that needs to be completed. By showing an active interest in your kid’s education they will generally be more willing to tell you what they’re learning – giving you an advantage in keeping their study on track. 

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