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How To De-Clutter Your Home With Bookcases

De-Clutter Your Home With Bookcases
De-Clutter Your Home With Bookcases

Bookcases have long been ubiquitous with books. It makes sense. But can you use them in areas of your home to de-clutter? Are there more ways to use a bookcase than for books? Most importantly, how many bookcases can you fit into your home?

Here are our tips on decluttering your home with bookcases. 

  1. Use a book case for media storage in the family room. You can divide the book case into sections and allow each member of the family a space to fill with their own treasured items. 

You can include DVDs, CDs, books and even an old VHS if you still have some lying around. 

  1. Small bookcases can be flipped to their side and used as creative seating. If doing this, ensure that the bookcase is very sturdy, or is built to sit horizontally. Sew or purchase a cushion long enough to cover the top of the bookcase, and there you have it, a new area to sit and read your favourite novels. 

We especially love this idea placed near a window. 

  1. Consider using a bookcase inside your wardrobe for an extra storage solution. Depending on the space and size of the bookcase you have a multitude of opportunities at your disposal. 

A bookcase can be used to store shoes whose boxes you no longer have, or to keep handbags and other accessories in line. If the shelves are wide enough you can even stack knit jumpers and t-shirts inside of them.

  1. Built in bookcases can give your family room a beautiful and classic edge, by having a built in area that houses your television, media consoles, as well as providing storage for games, books, DVDs and miscellaneous items. One large built in bookcase can change your family’s entire life, or their family room at least! 

  1. Craft a skirt or curtain for a small bookcase and turn it into your children’s art centre. By hanging a piece of fabric off of elastic around the front of the bookcase, you’re creating a hidden storage zone that is perfect for all your children’s arts and craft supplies. 

Go one step further and divide the shelves with baskets to separate different items such as paint, chalk, glue, fabric, and cardboard. The design is only limited by your imagination. 

As you can see, bookcases are a truly versatile item. We adore ours and hope you do too! 

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