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Operation Desk, How To Keep Your Work Desk Functional

Operation Desk
Operation Desk

It’s proven that people work quicker and more efficiently with a clean and tidy environment surrounding them. 

Piles of mess and papers can be distracting to the job at hand and can send the messiest person into frenzy, when searching for something important. 

The following tips can be utilised at your office or home, you can even implement them into your kid’s bedrooms and their study areas. No matter the desk, keeping it functional is going to save you time and keep your mind at ease in the long run. 

Utilise drawers and shelves

Chances are your desk will have a couple of drawers or shelves incorporated into the design or nearby. These can be your best friends when it comes to organising your papers and belongings. 

Firstly sort through everything you store in and around your desk. You can do this by separating your desk implements across the office floor or into containers and in-trays; whatever you have!

Keep a recycling bin handy to toss out those useless papers we all tend to have a stash of somewhere. 

Prioritise your drawers and shelves for frequently used items and consider labelling these areas to make it clear where everything belongs. 

You can even use trays, boxes or binders on your shelves to separate your office items further. They also look great and can hide messy items from view. 

Additionally, containers or jars for your stationary can help keep pens sorted and nearby. There are a multitude of options available in stationary and home organisation stores or you could get creative; large coloured drinking glasses can add a pop of colour to your desk whilst keeping stationary in its place. 

Tidy up and clean

Spend a couple of minutes at the end of each day doing a quick once over of your desk and workspace. Taking a handful of minutes to file away documents/papers as they accumulate makes the job far easier than battling through several months’ worth. 

Also, don’t forget to give your desk a thorough clean once a week. Dust areas that build up dust and wipe down your desk and computer. You’d be surprised at how much grime your keyboard can build up across a single week. 

Options are endless when organising your desk. Don’t feel limited by traditional storage options; use your imagination! Just remember to tell us what worked for you!

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