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The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining A Tidy Desk

Maintaining A Tidy Desk
Maintaining A Tidy Desk

Maintaining a tidy desk should not be difficult. Not only does a tidy desk look aesthetically pleasing, it also makes work a whole lot easier! 

But! There is always a but. Many people often fail to prioritise cleaning their work space. It’s easy for it to slip to the bottom of their to-do list and be forgotten about. 

That’s where we step in. Keep reading for the Home Sorted! Ultimate guide to maintaining a tidy desk. 

Don’t let your desk get out of control 

Set aside 10 minutes at the end of each day and give your desk (home or office) a quick once over. Empty your rubbish bin and take out any papers for recycling too. File any paperwork that needs to be filed and take all dishes back to the kitchen! These items build up and create disorder far too quickly. 

Devise a storage system that suits your needs

Sit down (preferably at your desk so you can see what is around you) and have a long think about what the purpose of your desk is. 

Do you primarily use it for work or is it for out-of-hours fun? The use should dictate the amount and kind of storage you need. Placing shelves above your desk for frequently used items is one easily achieved option. 

Use filing cabinets for extra space

One problem many people encounter is trying to fit everything they use onto and in their desk. This just is not possible. Investing in a good quality filing cabinet can be a lifesaver for creating extra space (and storage!). 

Don’t feel limited by what you can keep in your filing cabinet either. Consider dedicating a drawer to your children. Here you can keep important school documents, assignments and artwork you don’t want to throw away, photographs, mementos. The options are endless. 

Hide mess with decorative archive boxes

If you are one of those people who struggle to keep their workspace clean, no matter how hard they try, decorative archive boxes may be your new best friend. 

Purchase coloured or good quality archive boxes for display. In here you can store all your odds and ends – in any manner of chaos – whilst keeping it out of view. Once everything is removed you can say hello to your fresh tidy desk. 

Lastly, enjoy your tidy desk! It’s that simple!

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