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How To Refresh Your Home This Winter

Winter is underway. There’s a cool breeze in the air and for some, a desire to refresh your home. If this sounds like you, we share a handful of ideas below. 

Organise your pantry

During winter it’s common to learn towards warm, hearty staples when preparing meals. This means it’s also the perfect time to organise your pantry and stock up on winter warming foods. 

Another great tip is hanging a shopping list or keeping a notebook within your pantry to add items as you notice them close to empty. This is particularly great for non-perishable items such as cereal, pasta, sauces, and canned or dry goods. 

Rearrange your bookshelves

Cold weather is usually accompanied with more time spent indoors and more time to read! Use this as motivation to rearrange your bookshelves and give your living areas a refresh. You may choose to colour code the spines of your books, order by genre, or even alphabetise your collection. 

Declutter family areas

Are your family areas looking a little cluttered from all the time spent indoors? Ensure that all rubbish is removed and then do a thorough declutter of commonly used areas. Enlist your children to put away their toys and games and think strategically about how you can keep the area sorted.

Some ideas include double-duty furniture, such as storage ottomans, or starting a roster where each family member takes it in turns to tidy the space each week. 

Create a play space

Another way to refresh your home this winter is by creating a play space for your children. This will (hopefully) ensure that mess is limited to one area of your home and give your children a space to get crafty, play, and unwind. 

Also stock up on arts and crafts supplies and consider rotating what toys are available to your children. Sometimes putting a handful of toys away for a month will spark new life into them when they’re brought back into rotation. 

Sort and donate winter clothing 

This may sound counterintuitive, but winter is the perfect time to sort through your winter clothing and accessories. Are there items you are not wearing or have outgrown? If you leave it until summer, they’re likely to be packed up with the rest of your seasonal clothes until next year. Use this to your advantage and remove items that should be decluttered now! 

You’ll thank yourself when you realise how much extra room you have gained within your wardrobe. 

Are you feeling inspired to refresh your home this winter? We sure hope so!

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