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How To Store Festive Decorations

Updated: Feb 16

How To Store Festive Decorations

When it comes to festive decorations, an efficient system for storing them ensures they remain in good condition year after year. 

So how should you sort and store your festive decorations? 

Create a plan of attack 

We understand that Christmas is busy and the last thing you want to be doing is planning for the years ahead, but the best way to store your festive decorations is by thinking long term. 

Festive decorations are used annually which means they need a solid storage system that will keep them free from dust, breakage and accessible when November / December rolls around. This is why we recommend creating a plan of attack from the very beginning. Choose where you will store your decorations and build your storage system around that. Some common examples are in the home garage, basement, or within your linen cupboard if you’re lucky to have one with space to spare! 

Use storage within storage

Once you know where you will be storing your festive decorations you need to plan your storage. We recommend using storage within storage… confused? Don’t be! All this means is thinking of ways you can group like items together and make it easier to access what you need. 

Snap lock bags can be used to store small decorations or sets, egg cartons can be filled with tree baubles and ornaments to ensure they are not broken, and even shoe boxes can be used to group items together. 

Secure your tree

When it comes to storing your Christmas tree – you need a way to contain its beauty! A good idea is pulling the branches in and securing them with a belt or cling wrap. Depending on the number of parts that your tree can be separated into you’ll find that one way is the better option. 

Be sure to store your tree in its original box or a tree storage box/bag to keep it lush and ready for the years ahead.

Wind lights together

Christmas lights can be tricky! But storage doesn’t have to be. Simply cut cardboard into 30 cm lengths and wind lights around. This way you can be sure that there are no tangles next year and that each string of light is stored independently. 

Imagine the time you’ll save when you don’t have to untangle every strand – yes please! 

Festive decorations don’t have to be a pain. With a plan of attack you can simplify Christmas and decorating for years to come. 

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