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How To Store Tools Safely

Updated: Mar 8

Store Tools
Store Tools

No matter if you store your tools in the garage or if you have a specified tool shed/workshop, keeping them sorted is essential for order and the safety of your family. 

Read on for our tips on storing your tools safely. 

Hang them up

The walls of your garage or shed are perfect for tool storage. Construct a pegboard area behind your workbench for an easy way to hang up hand tools. When hanging a pegboard remember to leave a space between the board and the wall for the ends of hooks to sit comfortable within. Most hardware stores sell a range of pegboard hooks and hangers. Look for ones that suit the size of your tools and hang away!  

Magnetic strips can also be used to fix smaller items to your walls. This is especially good for sets of different size spanners. Line them up in order from smallest to largest. 

You can even mark around the tools with a permanent marker to show where they belong. This is a useful method to tell if any tools have gone missing or have been put away incorrectly. 

Store in clickable plastic containers

For small fiddly items such as masking tape, nuts and bolts, clickable plastic containers can be fixed to your wall beneath a pegboard, or placed on shelves to keep items sorted. These kinds of containers can also be utilised for gardening supplies and are great for storing plant/flower/vegetable seeds. 

Taking care of your tools

What is the number one enemy of tools? Rust! Tools can cost you a small fortune so taking care of them should be high on your list of priorities. To prevent rust, keep your tools in a dry place. Humidity can be an issue in some garages so keep this in mind. For instance, don’t keep your gardening tools on the ground. Dampness from concrete floors can affect their quality. Store them on hooks instead.  

Power tools often come in hard plastic cases; there is a reason for this. It’s the best way to store tools to prevent outside matter from getting into blades or mildew. Follow suit and keep yours in their case. This also prevents small hands from touching things they shouldn’t. 

Lockable cabinet

If you have a particularly valuable collection of tools or young inquisitive children, a lockable cabinet can be a great solution. Other items such as paint and weed killer can also be kept safely under lock and key. 

How do you organise your tools?

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