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Improve Your Floor Space With Our Tailored Advice

Whether you live in a small apartment or have a family home that constantly feels ‘too small’ – there are ways to improve your floor space and make the most of your home.

Read on for savvy tips and information on how a one-hour consultation could benefit your home.

Consider double duty furniture

One of the sure-fire ways to improve your floor space is by utilising double duty furniture within your home.

You may consider ottomans that have built in storage where you can stash spare blankets and pillows, coffee tables with drawers that allow you to keep your living areas always sorted, extendable dining tables that are perfect for dinner parties without always taking up huge areas of floor space, and even folding wall desks for when you’re living the working-from- home lifestyle.

What these items have in common, is the ability to save you floor space and keep your home organised – how great is that?

Look to vertical storage

Another savvy way to improve your floor space is by looking towards vertical storage. This may include floor to ceiling shelves, wall hooks, and ways to hang items so they’re neat and easy to reach. One example is hanging pots and pans on hooks in an area near your stove within the kitchen. This allows you to grab what you need quickly when preparing dinner, while also keeping the general area of the kitchen sorted. The same can be said for your home garage where floor space is a premium. Imagine how much you would save by hanging sporting equipment, gardening equipment, and tools.

Ensure your wardrobe is used properly

Hands up if a member of your family is known for keeping an untidy heap of clothing on the floor of their bedroom. This is one of the biggest ways to waste floor space and create clutter within your home.

Tackle this by removing clothing that is no longer worn or does not fit, before creating an effective storage system – which brings us to our next point!

Ask us how!

We understand that improving your floor space can be a daunting task, which is why we’re keen to help you discover your goals and get you started with a one-hour in-home or virtual consultation.

That’s right – we’ll spend an hour of our time learning about your home sorting goals and skills, before providing tailored advice for your individual home. How great is that?

What’s next?

If you’re ready to learn more savvy tips like the ones we shared today, it’s as easy as following the link to book your one-hour consultation.

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