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Innovative Ideas, Making The Most Of A Small Family Room

Innovative Ideas, Making The Most Of A Small Family Room

Not all of us have the luxury of a large family room, but being short on space doesn’t mean you need to miss out. A small family room is the perfect excuse to unleash your creative juices and be savvy in creating storage solutions.

Think outside the box with these innovative ideas. 

Built in wall unit

A built in wall unit can be a storage dream for small rooms. Save space by incorporating your families entertainment unit into a large wall unit that includes shelves, drawers and cabinet space. By doing this you can guarantee that your books, DVDs and kid’s toys are neatly taken care of. 

Storage within storage

If you have a large wall or entertainment unit fill the inside with more storage boxes to create a larger range of storage options. 

You can contemplate splitting items into categories such as frequently used (remote controls, favourite games) and nostalgic mementos (photos, books you don’t want to part with). Keep frequently used items closer to the middle shelf and at an easy accessible point. 

Drawer dividers are another godsend for kid’s games, stationary and knickknacks. 

Display your storage

Books, DVDs and magazines can be used as feature items within a wall unit. These items can make for a stunning display if chosen wisely and arranged accordingly. 

Ponder colour coding the spines of your books to create a rainbow effect that will delight children and adults alike. Less appealing items can be stored within storage boxes or baskets to keep things ordered. 

Cover your storage solutions

Other options include items of furniture that incorporate storage abilities. Coffee tables that open up, or have drawers and shelves are a perfect example. Many furniture stores also stock ranges of stools with internal storage options. 

Double up your furniture

When short on space it can also be savvy to purchase furniture that has more than one function. Double duty furniture like ottomans can work well as extra seating when entertaining guests and don’t clutter up the living room when not in use. 

Consider your angles

The way you position furniture can also make or break a family room. Position furniture on slight angles and not right up against walls to create the illusion of more space and to make your room feel more open. 

Finally, enjoy your space! No matter the size of your living room, it’s a place where you and your family will collect memories for years to come. Embrace that knowledge! 

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