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Laundry Hacks For Busy People

Laundry Hacks For Busy People
Laundry Hacks For Busy People

We can all use a laundry hack or two. Here are our top six laundry hacks for busy people. 

  1. Use a portable shower caddy for your laundry products – this way you always have them grouped together and ready to go. Especially great if you store your products up high or in a cupboard. Just grab the caddy and you’ve got everything you need there beside the machine. 

  2. Jar for loose change – you know all that loose change that accumulates either in the base of your washing machine, or in a pile when you remove it from clothes pockets? Place a jar in your laundry to collect this loose change in one spot. Let the jar fill to the top and then use the extra dollars to splurge on something small for yourself, or some fresh flowers for the house. 

  3. Mini clothes line for odd socks – create a mini clothes line within your laundry room to house odd socks until their partner is found. This is a perfect tip for families whose socks tend to go wandering before, during and after the wash. You can string some rope or twine across the back of the laundry door and have pegs attached to clip the socks onto. Let the socks hang there until their partner reappears then fold and store away as usual. 

  4. Fasten up laundry day with three washing baskets – sort your clothes as you take them off into three washing baskets (if you’re feeling optimistic, otherwise two will do): whites; colours; hand washing. This allows you to gauge how much washing you have for each load. You may even wish to draw a line, or put a marker on the washing basket that indicates how full it needs to be to equal a full washing machine load. 

  5. Use vinegar to soften up towels – add one cup of white vinegar per load to freshen and soften up your towels. Vinegar also works to reduce any smells that may have developed. 

Make your dry cleaning last longer by spot cleaning stains – this is not only a time saver, but a money saver. Dry cleaning can be expensive and it’s a shame to have to take a suit jacket back to be cleaned because you spilt a drop of food on the sleeve. Instead read the care instructions on the label and spot clean these stains as soon as they happen.

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