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Quick Steps For Organising Your Garage

Updated: Mar 8

Organising Your Garage
Organising Your Garage

Organising your garage can seem like a daunting affair. Whether your garage is used to house your car, or is home to an assortment of tools, gardening gear and kids bikes, getting it sorted will take a huge load off your mind. 

Keep reading for some quick steps and ideas in organising your garage. 

Utilise wall space

The wall space in your garage is valuable real estate. Utilise this space by attaching hooks to the walls so you can hang up home maintenance tools such as brooms, rakes, wheelbarrows, power appliances and gardening items. By decluttering these items, you’ll save time finding what you need and keep dangerous items out of harms way. 

Double duty

If your garage is used for both the car and as a workshop/DIY space consider setting up a designated work area to make boundaries clear. Install a workbench and fix tools to the wall behind the bench. You can also incorporate drawers or shelves near the workbench to keep odds and ends such as nails, screws and smaller tools sorted. 

Loft-like storage

High wooden shelves inside the garage can be the perfect storage solution for seasonal items. Use plastic containers complete with lids to store items you don’t need on a regular basis, such as Christmas decorations or seasonal sports gear. A pull down ladder can be a fantastic way to conceal access to the shelves and reduce clutter on the garage floor. 

Kid zone

Most garages will be the first point of call for kids sporting equipment and bikes. Create a kid zone within your garage that gives your kids easy access to their equipment. If you have shelves inside the garage, consider storing their equipment on the lower levels in plastic storage containers, or fix items to the wall within reach. There are also a number of bike storage solutions available depending on need and space. If you have a large garage, a ground mounted bike rack would be ideal; this way your kids can grab their bikes and re-store them themselves. 

Safety First

If your garage is used to store harsh chemicals such as car cleaning products, paint or garden weed killers, ensure that these are stored in a safe, lockable space. You don’t want your kids or their friends to accidentally stumble across potentially toxic items. A lockable filing cabinet is perfect for this use as you can separate different product types into individual drawers. 

Most importantly, devise a garage system that works for you and your family.

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