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Start The New Financial Year Feeling Sorted

Often, the end of the financial year is a time to panic. From sorting your finances, compiling paperwork for deductions, completing your taxes, and getting sorted for the new financial year – there usually isn’t enough time for you or your home. 

What would you say if we told you that you could start the new financial year feeling sorted? 

You heard that right!

It’s true – we’re here to tell you that it is possible to get sorted for the new financial year no matter where your personal and home organisation currently stands. We also want to help you simplify the process by offering a special deal for the month of July that will save you $$$. 

So exactly what can you achieve? 

Set up your home office

The new financial year has many of us thinking about the home office. Is your space set up in an organised manner? Or does it promote chaos and distraction? 

We can assist you to set up your home office in a way that promotes focus, order, and productivity. This will look different for everyone, but may include shelving and storage systems, filing systems – both paper and electronic (super important come tax time) - and ergonomic technology fit outs. 

Create a new layout for your space

What about the rest of your home? Is your home layout serving you and your family well or are there areas that could use some attention? 

Does your bedroom need a refresh? Would you benefit from a bathroom revamp? Is your home garage filled with tools that have no real home? If any of this sounds familiar – you may be ready for a new layout that will help you feel more sorted. 

The good news is that we can help, and we have a special offer guaranteed to make your life even easier – but more on that below. 

Reduce your clutter

Have you also considered what clutter you are letting thrive within your home?

The new financial year is a time to get sorted and this means removing items that you no longer need or use. Whether this is clothing, toys, books, kitchen appliances – you name it – we’re here, and ready to assist. Better yet, our team are skilled in helping you decide what should stay and what should go. 

What’s next? 

If you’re ready to get sorted for the new financial year, we’re offering $100 off our 12-hour package for the month of July. 

Go on, get in touch today to find out precisely what we can help you achieve.

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