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Take The Worry Out Of Living In A Clutter Free Home

Updated: Feb 15

Take The Worry Out Of Living In A Clutter Free Home

If you didn’t know already, clutter plays a large role in how you feel about your home.

When living in a cluttered home you’re likely to be filled with worry, stress and even despair. You may also feel like it’s never going to change. However, the opposite is true for someone who lives in a clutter free home.

Let us explain…

How does worry manifest itself?


When we live in a cluttered environment it becomes more difficult for us to relax. This has mental side effects in that it can cause stress, you may feel anxious and like you’ll never manage to live in a clutter free home again, and you may also lose productivity around the house. This could be starting tasks and never finishing them because you get distracted or feeling apathetic towards general home maintenance.


A cluttered home can also lead to physical manifestations. Your body may be filled with tension, it may ache, and you could also be experiencing poor sleep. Cycles of physical worry may feel impossible to break – but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case!

Is there anything I can do?

The first step is acknowledging how a cluttered home makes you feel. We’re pretty sure it fills you with worry and negative emotions. But as we mentioned above, once you come to this realisation there are steps you can take to live in a clutter free home.

Our regular home sorting services can help!

You can choose to DIY your entire home. This means decluttering each room, sorting, organising, and creating systems that work for you and your family.

However, if you’re someone who is currently filled with worry, it’s not always this easy…. That’s why we have created our regular home sorting services designed to help you live in a clutter free home all year round.

Our exclusive Home Sorted! subscription packages will help you feel more relaxed in your home, and you can do it with as little or as much help from us as you need.

Divided into three tiers, our subscription packages begin with the DIY level where you are provided with our DIY course containing all you need to know to sort your home. Our course is filled with room-by-room tips and guides – you’ll feel like a professional organiser in no time!

If you’re still feeling worried, our next two tires provide you with either virtual or hands on help from our team of professional organisers. We’re certain you’ll feel less worried and more excited as you begin to enjoy your clutter free home.

How Do You Sort? Learn About Your Clutter Personality at our FREE Workshop.

If you struggle to get sorted, or even motivated then our FREE upcoming My Home Sorted! Workshop will teach you about you, your habits, and why you lack motivation!

It’s time to feel calm and relaxed within your clutter free home.

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