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8 Reasons Why Food Storage Containers Are Fab

Updated: Mar 18

Food Storage Containers
Food Storage Containers

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use food storage containers. They’re ubiquitous for work lunches and food storage and for good reasons too. 

We’ll start with the basics and work our way towards the more obscure reasons why food storage containers are fab. 

Your leftovers are visible – this one is perfect for those people who cook up a storm, store the leftovers in the fridge, and then forget about the food until the refrigerator starts to emit a weird smell. Food storage containers allow you to see your leftovers and gauge what needs to be eaten next. 

Many storage food containers are microwave safe – you can save time and avoid making dishes with this reason. No longer do you need to transfer your leftovers into a new dish to microwave them. Most food storage containers are microwave safe; consider developing a new habit of only buying ones that are to simplify your life. 

Transporting food just got a whole lot easier – have you ever tried to carry a plate of food covered in cling wrap into the office? It’s not recommended. With containers you can transport food easily no matter where you’re going. It also gives you a vessel to eat out of. 

They come in many sizes and shapes – size and shape is not a limitation for food storage containers. If you can think of it, chances are there is a container built for that very purpose or shape. 

Flip lids make it easy to pour cereal – avoid potential cereal spills by storing your cereals in containers with flip lids. These make it easy to pour and even your kids can use them without incident. 

They stack away neatly – some people will argue this one. However, once you devise a system of storing your food containers your cupboards will never look neater. We recommend stacking all the containers inside of one another according to size or shape, and then keep the lids in a basket or dish rack beside the containers. 

You can get containers with inbuilt dividers –  pre sectioned containers make fantastic lunch boxes for kids of all ages. 

The environment will thank you for living ‘package free’ – the amount of plastic you use and dispose of into the environment will reduce significantly by using food storage containers. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you’re doing something right for the environment. 

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