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Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Advice

Bathroom Cleaning Advice
Bathroom Cleaning Advice

We all know the basics for cleaning your bathroom. But what about the parts that everyone forgets? What about the little nooks and crannies? What about preparing your bathroom to be used by guests? 

Read on for our brilliant bathroom cleaning advice. 

Give your ventilation fans time to ‘vent’ 

Ventilations fans are essential to keep any bathroom clean and germ free. Always turn yours on whilst showering and leave on for at least 30 minutes afterwards to ensure all ‘dampness’ is evaporated. 

On a regular basis, it’s also great to clean up inside of your ventilation unit. Make sure the power is switched off then remove the cover. You can soak this in warm water and dishwashing liquid for a thorough clean. Some covers are also dishwasher friendly; this will depend on what material yours is made of. 

Use your vacuum nozzle to clean gunk off of the fans blades. You can also wipe them with a damp cloth for a deeper clean. Make sure the inside is completely dry before returning the cover. 

Wash plastic shower curtains in the washing machine

We so often forget about our shower curtain when cleaning the bathroom. If you don’t have a shower curtain, feel free to skip this part, or give the advice to your neighbour. 

Shower curtains can be removed and washed on a regular cycle in your washing machine. Fill the machine with a few old towels and regular detergent. The old towels will work to scrub grime and soap scum off of your shower curtain. Allow them to air dry and you’re done! 

Don’t despair unexpected guests

When having unexpected guest over – don’t despair if your bathroom is a mess – give it a quick wipe over and remove any rubbish that may be lying about. Neatly hang up any towels that have been used and simply replace the hand towels with fresh, clean ones. These are the only towels your guests will use! 

Return grout to it’s intended colour

Grout surrounding bathroom tiles can often start to discolour. It happens to everyone. Think about how much time we spend in the bathroom and you’ll understand why. 

To return grout to it’s original colour, grab a grout brush and dip it into straight bleach. Next scrub any areas of discolouration and lastly, rinse well. 

Make sure you ventilate the room during and after cleaning. Don’t let dirty grout build up over time. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria you don’t want lurking around your bathroom!

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