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Sneaky Tricks For Keeping Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Keeping Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean
Keeping Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Towels everywhere? Check!

Make up scatters across the counter? Check!

Streaks across the shower glass? Check!

Clothes on the floor? Check!

Can you relate to the above questions? 

Despite being the place where we keep our bodies clean, bathrooms are notorious for being filthy and unkempt. They can be the kryptonite of even the cleanest and most organised person you know.

The good thing is, with a few minutes each day and a couple of sneaky tricks your bathroom can be kept squeaky clean and fresh! 

Have enough towel racks for the entire family

Do you have a large family and not enough towel racks? This can be the first step in creating havoc within the bathroom. Ensure that you have plenty of towel racks for everyone in the family to keep damp towels from being thrown across the floor. If you’re short on space, an over the door towel rack is easily hidden and offers hanging space for several towels. 

Everything in its place

Get into the habit of putting everything back in its place when you’re finished using it. This means make-up, hair products, Band-Aids, hair dryers. Nothing is off limits. If it belongs in the bathroom, it has a home, and needs to live there. 

Heat styling hooks

It’s become commonplace for bathrooms to be littered with hairdryers and other heat styling tools, which can get messy! Many homeware and storage stores now stock hooks that can be affixed to your bathroom wall near the vanity or medicine cabinet. These hooks allow you to hang up your heat styling tools, saving you valuable bench space. 

You don’t need to wait for the tools to cool down as you would if storing them in a cupboard. Simply hang them up when you’re done and walk away. Problem solved. 

Shower streaks no more

Devise a routine where the last person to bathe each day wipes down the doors and walls of the shower once they’re done. You can place a squeegee inside the shower for convenience. The couple of minutes this takes will save you in the long run as wiping away mildew and condensation before it has time to set can prevent bathroom stains and mould. Always a positive in our eyes! 

Avoid the build up of clothes

Similar to putting everything back it its place, avoid the build up of dirty clothes by placing a washing basket into the corner of the bathroom. The convenience of having the basket near the shower should ensure that the whole family tosses their clothes in as they remove them. 

Don’t have enough space for a washing basket? No problem! Set a good example for the kids by always taking your washing to the laundry. They’ll catch on soon enough and if not, some subtle hinting may be key.

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