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Savvy Ways To Save Space In Your Linen Cupboard

Save Space In Your Linen Cupboard
Save Space In Your Linen Cupboard

How many times do you find yourself struggling to put all your towels and sheets back into your linen cupboard? Ever feel overwhelmed by how much linen you’ve accumulated? Or are you living with limited space and finding it a strain to store everything?

Linen cupboards can be tricky to navigate, but with the right idea, even the smallest linen cupboard can be functional and organised to fit all your linen. 

Let’s break it down. 

Bottom shelf

Store bulky items such as buckets, pet products, toilet paper and paper hand towels on the bottom shelf. 

Second shelf

This is the ideal shelf for beach towels, tablecloths and napkins. 

Third shelf

Keep your bath towels on the third shelf to make them easily accessible even for the youngest members of your family. 

Fourth shelf

The fourth shelf should be allocated to bed linen. Separate your bed linen into complete sets to make it easy to grab what to need when changing sheets. 

Top shelf

Top shelf storage is perfect for blankets and items that you don’t use frequently such as season based linen, flannelette sheets and spare pillows. 

If you don’t have this many shelves in your linen cupboard, don’t fear, it’s time to get creative. Depending on the amount of family members or your obsession with buying linen the system above can be easily rejigged. 

For a large family consider keeping bath towels in the bathroom. There are amazing towel shelves available – including ones that stand over the toilet vanity - that save space and also create a splash of colour in the bathroom. 

Alternatively, bed linen can be kept in storage containers beneath the bed they are used on. Just make sure you return them after washing to the correct bedroom. 

For smaller families or singles, small linen cupboard shelves can be split into different sections. One side for bath towels and the other side for bed linen. Additionally, the bottom and top shelves can be utilised with storage containers or space (vacuum) bags to condense the volume of stored linen. 

But ultimately, the most important step for keeping your linen cupboard in line is guaranteeing that you always fold everything and place it back in its designated spot. 

Folding can save oodles of space and ensures your cupboard is neat and tidy at all times. 

We don’t want random linen falling out of the cupboard after all!

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