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Christmas Shopping Survival Guide

Christmas shopping survival
Christmas shopping survival

Christmas shopping season is upon us! The shops are getting busier. Christmas tunes are playing when you buy your weekly groceries and maybe your neighbours have started to decorate their yard. 

You can’t avoid it any longer. Read on for our Christmas shopping survival guide that will help make shopping a cinch this festive season. 

Create a detailed list of who you need to buy for

Don’t do anything until you have written a list and in the fashion of Santa Claus, checked it twice! 

Consider family, friends, neighbours, children, the person down the street who always gifts you wine. Whoever it may be that you need to purchase gifts for, make sure they’re on the list. 

Finalise a budget to refer to when shopping

After you’ve got a list of people to buy for create a budget for each present. Mark this amount next to the person on your list; this will come in handy when hitting the shops. 

Be reasonable with your budget and ensure you stick to what is realistic and within your means. 

Stick to your list – don’t be swayed by sales for things you don’t want to buy

When out and about shopping it’s easy to be swayed by sales and deals on fancy items. If these items are not on your list STAY AWAY. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s four bottles of wine for the price of two. If you are not planning on gifting wine this Christmas, there is no point in purchasing it. 

Remember that all those online purchases add up

Online shopping can be the lifesaver of the time poor. It can also be frightening to look at your credit card bill if you don’t keep track of what you are spending. This is simply a friendly reminder to keep an eye on what’s being bought and mailed to you. 

Utilise ‘quiet times’ at shopping centres

Be savvy and plan your shopping outings during the quiet times such as early morning or late at night. Trying to find a parking spot at your local shopping centre midday of a Saturday is going to be a nightmare. Check for extended trading hours and pick your shopping moments accordingly. 

It’s only a few tips, but together these should assist in your Christmas shopping survival! 

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