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Getting Sorted For Christmas Visitors

Getting Sorted For Christmas Visitors
Getting Sorted For Christmas Visitors

Have a think…are you having Christmas guests this year? Do you have relatives coming to stay? Will extended family be dining with you for Christmas dinner? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you need to get your home sorted. 

Finalise your Christmas decorations before your visitors arrive

If you’re having friends or family come to stay this festive season, ensure you have your Christmas decorations completed before they arrive. You don’t want to be trying to hang tinsel with extra movement in your home. You also want to spread the festive cheer as soon as they arrive. 

Ensure you have enough clean linen to accommodate your Christmas visitors

Many people often forget the small details when it comes to Christmas visitors. Aunt Jane calls you up and asks to stay for a couple of night. Sure, you think. But have you considered the extra linen you will need?

Get sheets and blankets out of storage or your cupboard in advance and give them a thorough airing or clean if necessary. 

Prepare sleeping arrangements ahead of time

Whilst you’re organising clean linen, start to consider sleeping arrangements. Will you have extra kids bunking in with your own? Do you have a spare bedroom? Are you arranging air mattresses to accommodate extra people? 

You don’t need to plan down to the exact detail, but knowing you have enough bedding options for your visitors will give you a wonderful peace of mind. 

Plan activities for young children

Young children are fantastic at entertaining themselves. Especially when their cousins or relatives are visiting. It’s a new adventure for some. 

However, be prepared for the possibility that they will need activities or entertainment. A family festive baking session can be a great choice. You get to bake yummy goodies with the kids, and eat the treats too. 

Fool guests with fresh hand towels in your bathroom

Our top tip for Christmas day is fooling guests into thinking your house is more sorted than it actually is with fresh hand towels. When you think about it, your visitors will only touch the hand towels in your bathroom. Don’t stress if your other towels have been used a handful of times. Simply hang them neatly in the bathroom and replace the hand towels with fresh ones. Problem solved! 

You can also use this trick with tea towels in the kitchen.

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