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How To Keep Your Bathroom/Medicine Cabinet In Order

Updated: Mar 8

Have you ever needed something from your bathroom/medicine cabinet in a hurry? Maybe you’ve struggled to locate the correct ointment? Or even realised that you’ve run out of Band-Aids right when you need one. 

These dilemmas happen far more frequently than they should and can easily be rectified with a quick sorting of your products and medicine. 

Ensure your cabinet is in tiptop shape with these handy steps and don’t let yourself get caught out in an emergency ever again!

Bathroom/Medicine Cabinet In Order
Bathroom/Medicine Cabinet In Order

1. Clear everything out of the cabinet

Start by removing all products and medicines from inside your cabinet.This gives you a clear view of all the products you have on hand, what’s missing, and what you should purchase next time you’re in the supermarket. 

Also use this step to sort through the expiry dates of products and medicine removing any that have expired.

2. Sort the contents into most used and least used items

Frequently used products should be kept on the middle and lower shelves, or the shelves that fall closest to eye level for your height. 

These are the most accessible spots inside your cabinet and the ones we tend to rely upon. Items used irregularly can be kept on the higher shelves. 

Containers for loose items/tubes

Group similar products together and store in containers, or glass cups, especially for tubes that need to be stood upright. Transparent containers make it easy to see what you have inside and what you may be running low on. This is particularly handy for cotton buds and cotton balls, but can be used for almost anything in your bathroom. 

Containers also make loose items manageable by ensuring they don’t roll or drift into hard to reach places. 

Grab and go first aid kit

Once you’ve sorted everything, consider creating two first aid kits for your bathroom. 

The first can be a grab and go first aid kit filled with basic items such as Band-Aids and frequently used medications. This can be utilised quickly and effectively in an emergency; it’s small size also means it can also be popped into a handbag if necessary.  

A second and larger first aid kit can be stored in your bathroom for less urgent medical issues. This kit can house all of your family’s medications and a whole array of products not limited to Band-Aids, bandages, dressings, tapes and antiseptic lotion. 

Following these tips should give you solid organisation within your bathroom/medicine cabinet. But don’t stop here. The rest of your bathroom is waiting for your special touch.

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