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Stress Free Christmas Sorted!

Stress Free Christmas Sorted!
Stress Free Christmas Sorted!

Ensuring a stress free Christmas is easier than once thought. If you plan ahead and follow our simple guidelines, you’ll be set to have your best Christmas yet. 

Go for a walk in the morning

Fresh air and endorphins are fantastic for refreshing your mind and body. Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and hit the footpath for a brisk walk. You will feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the day by doing so. 

You can also mentally plan your day whilst walking. That’s some brilliant multitasking.  

Play music to relax everyone

Music can be very soothing in the most stressful situations. To create a perfect environment for a stress free Christmas pop some music on and let the sounds relax you. 

Soft relaxing music is great for highly tense times and Christmas carols are perfect for lifting moods. Who can’t help but be happy when singing Jingle Bells? 

Be savvy with Christmas drinks

After a long stressful year, we all want to relax with a drink or two. The emphasis here is to pace yourself and only drink in moderation. 

Remember to be savvy about your Christmas drinks. 

  • Never drink on an empty stomach – it’s important to eat before and in-between alcohol beverages. 

  • Don’t mix your drinks – you’re likely to feel sicker if you switch between different alcohol types. Keep your stomach calm by deciding and sticking to one drink choice. 

  • Take your time – there is no race to finish your drink! Sip slowly and enjoy it. 

  • Know your body – if you start to feel dizzy or a little sick in your stomach, take a break from the wine. Sit outside in the fresh air and sip some water. Maybe have a little snack. Learn to read the signs your body gives so you don’t go too far with alcohol and risk ruining your day.  

Eat well 

One of the easiest ways to ensure a stress free Christmas is to fuel your body appropriately. Feeling hungry can make the more rational person you know irritable and more likely to break under the pressures of Christmas day. 

Remember to always start your day with a good breakfast and take time to snack on healthy foods and extra protein throughout the day. Your body can’t run without fuel.

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